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Our Company

Our Company


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Kamares, 25009 Aigio, Achaia, Peloponnese, Greece


Roofs and more things from Angelos Liapopoulos...


His responsibility is to accommodate your dreams. All types of wooden and steel structures are offered, which will provide you not only with the aesthetic satisfaction, but also the stability, the security, the protection and the quality that suits you. Angel Liapopoulos has been working in this field since he was a little child. Over the last years, he has been evolving dynamically and has been able to suggest solutions that will completely satisfy you.

His workshop, including himself as well, has undertaken many jobs inside and outside of the prefecture of Achaia. Several houses in the prefectures of Corinth, Attica, Ilia and the Ionian islands have been accommodated by Angel Liapopoulos and his staff.

Thanks to the passion and love for his work and the zeal to satisfy every desire of the owners, Angelos has constantly been visiting various exhibitions in order to keep abreast of new techniques and styles in the field of housing and construction.

The stability of the structures is his main concern; to achieve this, Angel, in collaboration with engineers, suggests the best and of the highest quality materials, and provides reliable work.